Even More Sports Fiction Novels For Adults– Football Edition

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Not everybody has the time or the patience to peruse the shelves looking for another good football book to read. And considering that a lot of the sports fiction novels out there are aimed at the teenage crowd, it can get rather frustrating trying to find an adult sports book!

So to help you fill out your reading list, we've gathered some of the best sports fiction books for adults that you can enjoy whither commuting in the big city or relaxing on the beach. Or where ever else your reading takes you!

Rough and Tumble by Mark Bavaro

Written by one of the best NFL tight ends of all time, this is a gripping novel with a behind the scenes look at life in the NFL.

Dominic Fucillo, the tight end for the up and rising New York Giants is having the toughest season of his life. Fined for attacking a referee, having difficulties with his estranged girlfriend and given the news that he needs career ending surgery to fix the hole in his knee things couldn't get much worse. Wanting nothing more than to carry on with their indomitable season and finish his career with a Super Bowl, the team's season is threatened when their ‘live-life-on-the-edge' linebacker is found beaten to near death in the stadium parking lot.

One of the top sports novels for its thoughtful and credible narrative, Rough and Tumble is a stark and honest book about one man's grit and determination that all football fans should read.

SportsFan ChroniclesBy Kurt Weichert

A novel written by debut author Kurt Weichert, this wild tale is a must read for any lover of the NFL. When two best friends, Kurt and Brian, aren't throwing wild toga parties, flipping their company cars and making a scene at NBA playoff games, they find themselves in any football fans greatest dream. Having a chance to buy their favorite NFL team!

With writing similar to Entourage meets Animal House, this hysterical story about two of Chicago's coolest businessmen is truly written for the football fanatic in all of us and sure to appeal to an adult sense of humor.And with more books on the way, it's sure to be a series that you'll love.

Deal BreakerBy Harlan Coben

Edgar Award winner Harlan Coben has crafted a witty and suspenseful mystery that blends the best of football and mystery with well fleshed out character and plot.

Myron Bolitar, a sports agent for the rookie quarterback Christian Steele, is ready to hit the big time. His prized client is rising to the top and is all set to take Myron with him, until Christian gets a call from his ex-girlfriend that everybody from family to the police believe was dead. With his deal quickly turning sour, Myron is put to the test on the dark side of the business as he has to unravel the truth behind a family's tragedy, a woman's secret and a man's lies.

With a healthy backdrop of football and intrigue, Deal Breaker is a perfect read for fans of mystery.

RuffiansBy Tim Green

Tim Green is one of the New York Times bestselling authors for his fourteen highly recommended suspense novels and Ruffians, set with the backdrop of football, was his debut novel.

Clay Blackwell, the first-round draft pick for the Birmingham Ruffians, is soon put under more pressure than he expected. Part of an NFL expansion team owned by a businessman with no principles, he is thrust into a football program from hell that features mental tricks and black market steroids.Clay is pressured to go along with the head coach'straining regimen that is designed to take the team from cellar to Super Bowl in a single season. Forced to choose between sticking to his ideals or giving in and joining his teammates on a steam roller ride to the top, Clay's tale is one of tragedy, triumph and total dedication to the sport.

Considered another of the best sports fiction books, Ruffians is another fantastic dive into the darker side of pro football and the thirst and drive to succeed.

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