The Menstruation and the Yoga

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[A]. A woman feels the unbearable pain during the menstruation-period primarily because of the following two reasons:

1. Females who are not used to doing physical exercises to make their body muscles strong do generally tend to have weak uterus-muscles and weak leg-muscles. This weakness causes these muscles to exert more or work more hard to push the layers of the used-up tissues out of the uterus. This extra strain on the muscles causes the feeling of sometimes extremely intolerable pain in the female genital area.

2. The mouth of the vagina being small, sometimes the layers of the used-up tissues get stuck and are not able to come out of the vagina which may make the female feel heaviness or the unbearable pain. When this happens then the female must lay down on her tummy which may relieve her of this unbearable pain.

[B]. What is happening to the uterus during the menstruation:

During the menstruation-period, the surface of the boundary/lips of the uterus becomes raw, delicate, vulnerable and soft in view of the old membranes getting removed and new membranes being formed. The couple is advised not to have vaginal sex [protected or unprotected] during this period, since there are 50-50 chances of infection of the uterus/vagina due to the sexual intercourse.

Now, it should be clear that any unwanted extra pressure/strain on this uterus-surface/lips may cause problems like rupturing of the membranes, uterus-boundary/lips, etc which may both cause the unbearable pain and the internal infection unknown to the female having the menstruation-period.

Some ladies may not feel/experience the above phenomenon for mainly three reasons despite doing/having done those Yoga-Exercises that obviously do seem to put a lot of strain on their genital parts:

[1]They are able to tolerate the pain.

[2]They simply don't become aware of this problem.

[3] The human body has its own Auto-quick-healing mechanism which quickly heals the internal bruises/ruptures, etc.

But, for the rest of the other females this pain and awareness may exist.

Now, every lady's physical body is decidedly unique with different capacities in terms of withstanding the pain resulting from the Menstruation-period. Also, every Yoga-practitioner lady has to observe for her own self and decide wisely as to which Yoga-exercises put strain on her genital area [especially the uterus-vagina] and which don't. Any unwanted extra pressure/strain on this uterus-surface/lips must be avoided.

[C]. The following Yoga Aasanas and Praannaayaamas seem to be harmless as they don't seem to put any extra unbearable or harmful strain on the genital area of the lady during the menstruation-period:

1. Shawaasana

2. Sukhaasana

3. Shethelaasana

4. Shwaanaasana

5. Gomukhaasana

6. Bhraamaree Praannaayaama

7. Sheetalee Praannaayaama

8. Ujjae Praannaayaama

[D]. Also, one can do the following safely during the menstruation-period: Mantra-Chanting in one's heart, Dhyaana-Yoga/Raaja-Yoga or Kundalenee-awakening/Chakra-activating exercise.

[E]. When the female isn't having the menstruation-period then she can do the following Yoga exercises that are said to be very effective in overcoming the problems related to the Uterus and the Menstruation Cycle:

1. Dhanuraasana

2. Badhapadamaasana

3. Badha Padmaasana Yogamudraa

4. Halaasana


6. Paschemottanaasana

7. Anjanaeyaasana

[F]. Note:

1. By the way, I would like to add here that if I were to recommend only one Yoga-Excercise for the young ladies, I would recommend the Gomukhaasana.

2. It's advised sincerely that you do the Yoga-Exercises only under the direct supervision/guidance of the competent/trained Yoga-instructor/teacher or master/expert only!

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