Top Authors - Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

1. Total Recall Press

Bruce Moran grew up 50 miles north of Walt Disney World®. As the theme park was being built Bruce was in the Navy and going to college. He visited Disney World two times the first year it was opened in 1971 and has been a Mouse Geek ever sense. Now a resident of Friendswood, Texas, Bruce takes his grand kids back to his favorite vacation spot as often as he can. is publisher of  InsideScoop To Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. The Following Authors have contibuted to this Disney book.

Bruce Moran

Paula Brown

Patrick Corley

Josh Lavely

Stephanie Riley

Joe Frankoski

Mike Wazowski

Corby Tate

Kyle Tague

Matt Holley

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2. Patrick Corley

Patrick Corley was born and raised in New Orleans. After he graduated from high school he moved to Florida and worked for Disney World for some time. He then moved back to his home town and married his beautiful wife Rae with his two beautiful kids. He now takes them on Disney vacations so the family can all share in the Disney magic.

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3. Paula Brown

Paula Brown recalls fondly sitting with her father as a child, reading the Winnie the Pooh stories together. That was the beginning of her love for Disney. She visited Disneyland with her family when she was nine; it was many years later that she finally made it to Walt Disney World® in Florida. Also a Star Wars fanatic, Paula's idea of a perfect day is riding Star Tours as many times as possible with her daughter.

Paula is well known for her Science Fiction book "Dream Wanderers." ISBN # 978-1-59095-874-2
She currently lives in Virginia with her family.


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4. Matt Holley
Disney Author

Matt Holley is a recent graduate of UNCW, who has made a life of everything Disney! Took my first trip in 1982, and have made return trips almost every year since then. I always seem to be planning the next trip and offering advice to friends that are going for the first time. Sometimes I get more excitement helping others then I do with my own trip. Disney always has and always will be a special place for me, I can't wait to share it with my kids, the way my parents shared it with me.

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5. Corby Tate

Corby Tate's parents took him on his first trip to Walt Disney World in 1979, back when riding in a motor home for days was considered fun. In 2008, Corby got a chance to take his own 6-year old daughter "Maddie" to WDW for her first time. They now treasure all the smiles made possible by Walt Disney's dream, with Maddie counting on many happy returns to WDW in the near future. Corby is owner of TotalRecall Publications, Inc. and resides in Alvin, Texas.

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6. Stephanie Riley

Stephanie Riley fell in LOVE with everything Disney after an unforgettable trip to Disney World with her husband and son in 2004. Although relatively new to her love of Disney, it is very deep and passionate. Since 2004 she has been to Disney World four glorious times and plans on going every year. Stephanie currently lives in Delaware with her husband and son.

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7. Josh Lavely
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8. Angelia Hashemi

Angelia Hashemi made her first trip to Disney World with her family just before her college graduation in 1994. She has always been a Disney fan since a very young age, but her first trip made her fall in love with Disney World. She lives in Virginia and has made four more trips since her first visit. She and her husband Joe now make an annual trip for their anniversary. He too has fallen in love with the world and the wonderful vacation options it offers, even for adults without children. Mickey is Angelia's favorite character, with a whole room in her house dedicated to the "Mouse." She loves all things Disney, but she is most passionate about Disney music. "I can relive the magic of Disney World by listening to the wonderful sounds of Disney. It allows me to have a little bit of Disney World magic every day of the year.

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9. Joe Frankoski

Joe Frankoski growing up only an hour from Disney, I would go as a child, once or twice a year. Just until recently with the birth of my son, my wife and I have had to cut back on our trips. Just walking through the gates still makes me feel like a kid. Can't wait until my son is old enough to truly enjoy, what I have enjoyed.


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10. Mike Wazowski
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