Hunting for Disney Souvenirs

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Just look around, they're everywhere! You can find FREE Disney Souvenirs in the form of coasters, paper napkins, drink cups, theme park daily maps, restaurant menus, brochures, shopping bags, your photos, etc. You can even obtain Free Hidden Mickey Certificates at participating Disney stores.

Purchased souvenirs could be Disney trading pins, post cards, tickets, pressed pennies, pressed Quarters, and everything purchased at the Disney stores.

Disney Character Autographs
You never know when a Disney character might just appear in your path. You will be able to obtain Disney character autographs while at the Disney theme parks. First thing in the morning is best because lines are often too long in the afternoon. You can also visit Toontown a few times during your visit as characters change often. Keep in mind that "V.I.P. Characters," such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale, are known to have themed costumes for different holidays.

If you make autograph collecting a priority, you may not get anything else accomplished due to the popularity of this souvenir. When you obtain autographs in this book, do not forget to place the photo in this book also.

There are several web sites that list all of the Disney characters roaming around WDW. Here are two web sites where I found a lot of information about individual Disney characters:

1. What "Ben" Says
"Hello! Welcome to our Disney webpage! No doubt about it, our family LOVES Disney World, and we go multiple times a year! Our absolutely favorite thing to do at Disney World is meeting the many characters who can be found all over the parks and resorts! The biggest Disney-lover in our family is my nephew Ben, born in 1995. Ben could care less about rides, just give him characters to meet and he is as happy as can be!

Ben has an extensive autograph book, filled to the brim with different characters signatures, over 190 unique ones. So we wrote up this website to help other fellow Disney character-lovers find their favorites! On this website you can see different character photos and autographs arranged alphabetically, and where and when those characters were met at Disney World. And a big thanks to some fellow character lovers who helped us out, we have quite a collection here! We are missing a few characters here or there, but that gives us more to look for on our next trip! "

Happy character hunting!

2. What says:
"Visit this web site for a few tips to improve your chances of seeing your favorite Disney Character.

Follow the Glove to Track Favorite Characters
All Walt Disney World Resort theme park guest Guide Maps which now feature the easily recognizable Mickey's glove icon in every park area where characters can be found. It's the best way to find your Disney friends!"

Photographs and Memories
Oops, I Forgot My Camera:
Around the theme parks you will come across several professional photographers with cameras stationed at specific locations who will take your picture while you pose with nearby Disney characters. Each photographer will have a PhotoPass Card to give you. If you want your picture taken, just hand one of these photographers your card and they will record your photos into a central database, where they can then be accessed to print on your mugs, tee shirts, and postcards, as well as output into photo books and CD's. Sign up for an account before you go to WDW.
To sign up and also view your photos visit.

Bruce Moran


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