What Should I Have In Mind When Reserving A Car?

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Well... here are a few things you should check before leaving home:

  • Are you informed about the driving laws and regulations the country you are traveling to has?(you can check that from country's embassy or that country's traffic related web-site, in some cases you can find information on internet from travel guides for the destination country.)
  • Will your cell / mobile phone be working abroad?Did you remember to check this with your Phone company? (you might also need to check the rates for that country)

Before booking you might want to double check a few things:

  • What is included in the price that you are paying? 
  • Which of the insurances come with your rental?
  • What those mean? 
  • What should be your actions in case of unwanted damage to the car? 
  • Which car type is that you need? What is the main purpose of your car rental? 
  • Will you be requiring something that the car price does not include? 
  • Will your luggage fit in your selected car type? 
  • Who and how you can contact in need.

At the delivery of the car a few things to check:
-damages on the car. Have it written down on your contract
-where the spare tire and necessary tools for changing wheels are.
-DO NOT forget to take your copy of the contract! -if you have local currency, for tolls etc. Not all petrol stations will accept credit cards.
-do you know exactly where to return the car when the rental is over.
-ask the representative for instructions for your first destination.
-check what kind of fuel the car needs. Diesel or petrol?
-ask what you have to do in case of accident/damage. At some destinations it is necessary to make a police report even for the smallest damage.

Plan your trip ahead. Take some time reading what you will need, this time spent will be "refunded" in the vacation time Drive SAFE and ENJOY your car rental !


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