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Travel is the change in location of people on a trip, or the process of time involved in a person or object moving from one location to another.

Cadiz and Huelva feature as the predominant towns on the Costa del la Luz coastline.
There are three provinces in the Valencian Community region of Spain.
Its an archetypal tiny town with a fine beach alongside the coast. Its one of the main fishing village along the Costa de la Luz Sol with Tuna being fished by means of time-honored almadrabas approach.
This is the city which holds Columbus remains and therefore is a popular destination in Spain. The very first thing that will impress your eye on getting to the city is the huge and beautiful modern port at the entrance of the city.
Founded by Romans, Girona is the capital of Costa Brava and is located several kilometers North of Barcelona.
Aragon existed as a kingdom in yester years and was the throne of the rulers of the Mediterranean.
The quaint villages of El Arenal and El Hornillo are two of the main tourist attractions in Arenas de San Pedro. The villages are both municipalities of the city of Avila which is about 100 kilometres away from Madrid,
On the eastern region of the Costa del Sol thirty five kilometres from Marbella and twelve kilometres to the east of Estepona is the Spanish village of Maniilva.
Zaragoza is an impressive land that has interesting picturesque villages still holding popular traditions customs.
Countless beaches, sun facing seashores, charming blue waves - Kerala is considered as the god’s own country. Number of lagoons boats, lot of rivers is what makes Kerala a special and unique place for traveling and spending the best of holidays.