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For people who have been looking for opportunities to take their entertainment to new heights,
Even if you have been around LCD TVs and LCD displays, you probably do not understand exactly what they are or how they function to provide a colorful display. Learn more.
With a DVD recorder hooked up, you'll never miss the big game ever again.
LED TVs are highly demanded in the present times. Some of the best LED TVs are available with Sony, Samsung and Sharp.
Gone are the days when colorful posters were enough to grab one’s attention. Now, one expects a complete audio-visual experience from advertisers and marketers.
Direct to Home – DTH is one of the upcoming technologies with satellite programmes that comprise a personal dish in an individual home. In India you will find 6 major DTH service providers with a total of over 5 million subscriber households.
Stock footage is also called 'archive footage' and it can mean several things. When film is shot, not all of it is used in the final product. There are bad takes, scenes they decided to cut entirely, bloopers or extra film shot because they didn't know how much they would need. Generally, all of this film is saved and stored. This can be property of a movie studio or available for anyone to use.
HD news footage, as with many forms of Internet media, has become really popular in recent years. With web hosting cheaper than ever before and so many options available, many people have set up file sharing websites and portals where people can share videos and produce streaming media clips.
When TV shows/channel say they had "X" amount of viewers, how do they know? Is there like a little tracking thing where they can tell if you are on a certain channel? Do you have to be on the channel a certain amount of time for it counts you as a viewer? Like if I was just flipping through channels would I count as a viewer for that show on every channel? Confused how this works? Let me give some useful information: