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A CCTV System or a Security Camera System are one and the same thing. CCTV means Closed Circuit Television, but since the development of digital Security Camera Systems the phrase CCTV does not reflect what can be achieved now.
Your home may be the most important asset you own and defending it is critically important. One of the unsurpassed methods of protecting your home particularly from intruders is by setting up a burglar alarm system. Today’s systems are reasonable and very much effective.
Today's wireless Phones or Cell Phones enable you to receive and send instant messages, check or send e-mails, and synchronize with your PC contacts, e-mail, calendars, and more. These features make the truly wireless lifestyle a reality; but they also make keeping your phone secure even more important.
The first live Malware (two bot nets) are alive and running on a Mac Near You! Is your iMac/iPhone one of them?