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A great printer for any home or small office is the Brother HL-3070CW printer. It has many wonderful features.
As businesses grow, there is often a need to move from several inkjet machines at each individual desk to one or more centralized work group printers.
A lot of businesses or offices are using multi-function printers in order to conserve money and precious space. Known as MFPs for short, one is spared from the need to pay for and install different equipment.
The small and solid Samsung CLP 310 Printer with Samsung CLP 310 toner is a good alternative to the larger, more expensive machines that are available on the market.
Many people shop around for printers or all-in-one machines that use Brother 9440CN cartridge.
The pressure on forests in the production of paper is being eased somewhat by companies implementing a green strategy using recycled paper. Computerization didn't eliminate the need for paper as much as expected since hard copy backup is still needed for many areas of administration within a company. Using public relations, both government and the private sector have been promoting the recycling of paper and packaging. This article discusses ways for the printer industry to save by going green.
Effective print management includes using the best tracking method for the particular network in order to reduce operating costs in the allocation of time, paper, and ink. This article examines the pros and cons of tracking either on the workstation, on the server, or on the output device. The right option depends on your networking environment, your objectives, and your special requirements.
A newcomer looking for a starting point in assessing purchase choices of office wireless printers will be familiar with the major brands that can be used for benchmark comparisons. As more people telecommute there is a need for a low cost-per-page portable printer. At the same time people want environmentally-friendly ways to print their documents and the Green element is one selling point.
There are two different techniques of printing on t-shirt: digital printing and flexographic printing.
Priced at less than $1,000, the HP Color LaserJet 3600dn printer using the HP Q6472a toner cartridge is an affordable option for most. Since its release in 2006, the HP LaserJet has garnered good reviews, especially for its performance and affordable price. Let us find out what makes this laser printer stand out.