Westone ES5 Headphones: Perfect Audio Clarity And Noise Cancellation

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Westone is a formidable name in the audio gadgets industry for over five decades. They are extremely reputed for their class and performance.

They have started their journey as early as 1959 and were the first to introduce custom-molded in-ear headphones in 1993.

The sound industry veterans and musicians around the globe use Westone headphones during live performances.

I have given all this information just to give you an idea what we should expect from a company like this and now I'll tell you if ES5 is really the worthy ring bearer of Westone's glorious reputation.

First of all there are two types of in-ear headphones. One is called "universal fit" and the other is "custom fit". The ES5 belongs to the custom fit category.

You may have used custom fit headphones before but none was like ES5. Westone has simply redefined the word "custom fit" in-ear headphones.

Sophisticated personalization
The complicated "personalization" process starts with a felt tip being inserted into the ear canal to operate as a stopper for the ear putty. Once the tip is in place, two pink-and-white, silly-putty-esque gels are blended and injected in the ears. It takes three minutes to get solid.

During the whole process the buyer is requested to bite a bite-block so that the headphone's shape remains perfect, otherwise changing the jaw position will hamper the accurate fitting process.

Westone offers various color and design options so that you can customize is as per your personality.

To get one such customized ES5 you have to search for an audiologist nearby your city from the Westone website. It takes almost 10 days from starting of the customization to the finished product delivery.

The headphones are delivered in an 'automatic pressure purge' valve secured carry case. Inside the case you will find a cleaning tool and a bottle of lubricant.

Superior audio quality
Let's discuss the audio quality. This incredibly pristine headphone has five drivers in each ear bud.

Each of the bud has one bass driver, two midrange drivers, and two high-frequency drivers. These drivers give the headphone a superior audio enhancement. The in-ear monitors are tone neutral.

The ES5 offers 8Hz-20 kHz frequency, 120 dB input sensitivity, 20 ohm impedance, and 25 dB of passive noise attenuation. The technical specification may not justify its high standard but once you put the ES5 in your ears you will understand the true delight of listening music tracks that never sounded that beautiful before.

No other headphone in the market throws such loud sound with such in depth melody and harmony. Whether you hear a loud or soft music, you will hear the exact sound of every instrument.

Ultimate noise cancellation
Noise cancellation is an excellent feature of this in-ear monitor. Also, the in-ear design accuracy reduces both the outside noise and the audio track noise.

The ES5 headphone is made by two types of materials. The portion that remains inside the ear canal is made of a body heat activated material that adjusts its shape accordingly to give you a better and tighter fit and the outer part is made of acrylic.

Due to perfect fitting in the ears, ES5 offers isolation from external sound and noise. It's a great aspect of this headphone as you don't need to play music loudly to overcome background noise.

ES5 is also very comfortable in-ear headphone for long time audio listening compared to other such products.

The ES5 is priced at $950. It's certainly a premium range product but once you hear any audio through it, you will be satisfied beyond your expectations.

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