The Importance and Advantages of Fleet Tracking System

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There is no doubt that tough economic conditions are affecting customers and companies alike. Because of this it's vital for every business to deploy the best technology to reduce cost and save time while improving the customer experience. For companies with service and delivery fleets its time to invest in a new generation fleet management system and fleet tracking system.

The application of a fleet tracking system and fleet management system is designed to save excess expenses and improve business operations. Many successful business managers are surprised at the amount of efficiencies the new generation of fleet tracking and fleet management systems provide and the associated reduction in cost. These days with rising costs in every part of the business it is one of the few areas where we can quickly reduce costs. From 2 truck to 200 truck operations the new generation fleet management solutions eliminate paperwork, eliminate dispatch phone calls and streamline the business from field employee to Dispatcher to Manager and Customer Service Rep. Companies that are employing the fleet tracking systems and fleet management systems use them for monitoring inventory, fleet locations and more. This tracking system is also used for monitoring jobs completed and work progress throughout the day. Besides this it also allows the user to redistribute work throughout the day which is vital in reducing overtime.

Take a breath and try to imagine an application that allows you "with a click of a mouse" to reduce operating expenses and increase the numbers of calls you serve on daily basis. It is no longer a fairy tale but fully realized solutions which you can experience in real time if you avail the services of this new technology management and tracking system.

Where the concept of fleet management and fleet tracking systems was previously only used by the biggest delivery and service companies with the advent of Smartphone and tablets even the smallest companies can now afford to obtain their benefits. In fact the biggest and best companies like FedEx are replacing their expensive old tech solutions years before end of life to take advantage of these new generation tools. Some of the businesses that are quickly installing this new solution include HVAC companies, Propane Delivery, Heating Oil Delivery, Water Delivery, Cable companies, Couriers and more. In addition many state and local governments are also making use of this new fleet management and fleet tracking technology.

This unique tracking system is easier to install and learn because it is using common Smartphone and tablets already understood by most consumers. These new solutions help gather more and more information including amount delivered, inventory onboard, electronic signatures, email addresses, pictures, bar code information, etc.

Some of the benefits users speak of include:

• Reduction in miles per stop

• Reduction in lost inventory

• Major improvements in vehicle routing

• Vehicle maintenance cost reduction

• Reduction in vehicle fuel costs

• Increased control of vehicle movements

• Reduction of labor cost

• Enhancement revenues per employee due to an increase in number of services per day

• Improved customer service

• Helping drivers in skipping heavy traffic zones

• Elimination of Paperwork

• And much more

Digital Dispatcher's Delivery solution is a mobile field management software solution for the Liquid Fuel, Propane and Product Delivery industries. It combines multiple technology tools such as Fleet Tracking, Propane Dispatch and many more.


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