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Getting in the fashion industry is not all glitz and glamour. Here is your guide to landing an opportunity and it does entail some serious work.
Verbosity is an affliction suffered by far too many writers whose overuse of adjectives, adverbs and long-winded descriptions are anathema to their readers. There is a cure - join Twitter!
Every day at a certain point in my day my brain is exhausted. And this tiredness has nothing to do with writing. It's rather got something to do with walking. And listening.
Trade publishers are the industry gatekeeper for a very good reason. It insures that the author under contract will possess marketable skills. Authors who use rejection to their advantage, by refinement and honing of their skills, will be rewarded in the future with a traditional publishing contract and reap the rewards that trade publishers offer.
When I began my career in broadcast journalism, writers' block used to exasperate me beyond reason. Then a mentor appeared who taught me his shortcuts that freed me to write about any subject at will.
Marketing is time consuming and often frustrating. But do not count on your publisher to do everything, particularly if you are a new author. Be willing to do your own marketing. The harder your effort, the larger your royalty checks will be.