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Many people have wondered what are the main features of the abyss web server. Follow along as we find out what it is, and what features makes this web server stand out from the rest.
This article tells you how to create a Windows password reset disk and a password hint to in case you forgot Windows password.
I started working day-and-night on my laptop and was able to meet all targets as exceed their expectations. Everything was fine till last night when suddenly a warning message started popping-up on my laptop and it stated “A virus has been detected”.
With the concept in my mind, I sat on the couch with my laptop and a drink on the side table. I started to work on the presentation. However, in just about a minute, a pop-up appeared on my screen. I had no idea as to what to do with it. I tried closing it but it was stuck.
It is rightly said, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. And now I can also shout it aloud as my problem came to an end only because of my friend. I called him up and told him about my recent computer experiences. He suggested me the name of a company providing technical support.
This article mainly tells you how to change a standard account to an administrator one, so you can reset Windows password, download software, etc. with a standard user account, and the basic information about the 3 types of Windows user accounts.
The iTunes for Windows 7 issue was resolved and I was back to listening my favorite tracks. I indeed found some better reasons to play on some soulful music!
Forgot Windows password? This article could help you regain access to your locked computer When you forgot Windows password.
This article shows 4 options to help you reset windows password and regain access to your locked computer when you forget or lose Windows password.
Are you looking for data recovery tool which can recover data that is lost, deleted, formatted from hard drive or the partition and even Ghost hard drives.