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You don’t want your hard earned money going down the drain, nor do you want to keep the money you have stagnant and lying around uselessly. But you don’t have the time to actually do something with it.
Wealth in any form cash, shares or bonds is achieved with a lot of hard work put in. When people spend so much of their time and energy in trying to fill their wealth pots with little droplets they surely wish to see them grow over a period of time. Having x amount of money at present and the same after 10 years would make no sense.
How does a person following Islam make wise investment choices while also following the principles of Shari’ah (Islamic law)? It is difficult for investors to do so on their own too. Banks following the Islamic economic principles have now emerged offering wealth management advice to those who need them. It is easier for retail investors to invest their money safely with a plethora of services offered by them.