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Using Libbey glass for a restaurant is one way through which one can add a great deal of elegance to a table top.
There are plenty of different methods businesses use to package their Libby glass containers. Packaging is extremely important for any business to produce considerable sales.
The Libbey glass Company has a long and established history. It was started in the first half on the nineteenth century in Massachusetts as the New England Glass Company. The original firm was bought out in 1878 by William Libbey and renamed. Due to the increased competition in this industry, the company shifted its base after ten years to Ohio.
You can find water pitchers in homes all around the world. Countries in every continent have homes and businesses that use them to give out fluids fast and easily.
Breaking a goblet today is not the table-top tragedy it once was. When tableware was manufactured by hand, replacing a broken piece meant finding one that actually matched the rest, and that could be expensive and time consuming.
Libbey glass is known to homeowners, those in the hospitality industry, and collectors all over the world. Whether you need a durable and attractive set of tumblers for your kitchen, a style that will grace a restaurant that seats four hundred, or a Tom Collins glass decorated with carousel horses to fill out a vintage set inherited from your grandmother, you may be about to buy something made by this well-known name, now the world's second largest manufacturer.
The elegance of glass water pitchers has graced our tables for years. Many of us can remember the pitcher as a common piece of tableware as we were growing up. They are used for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. They cause us to feel nostalgic and bring back fond memories of family gatherings from our childhood.
In the U. S. There is no more well known and respected name than Libby glass when it comes to quality. The Libbey brand has the lion share of home and restaurant glassware sales in the U. S. Exquisite stemware, bowls, and serving-ware are just some of the products this enormously adaptable company has produced.
The Libby glass Company, one of the largest manufacturers the United States, has been in business since 1818. It was originally named the New England Glass Company and was located in East Cambridge, Massachusetts.