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Everybody deserves to enjoy the best things in life and this includes visiting favorite holiday destinations of the world.
With such a quaint name, Roses has to be an attractive holiday spot for any vacationer visiting Spain.
The most notable landmark in this beautiful town of EL PEDROSO is the church Medejar which has Moorish influence.
The main attraction at El Escorial is the largest monastery Spain can boast of which was built during the Renaissance era. This huge building is spectacular with its rectangular shape that looms over everything else. However, at the exterior, the building looks severe like a prison more than a palace.
Tarifa was a very quiet village in Spain until 1980s when it spread beyond the Moorish walls with an unusually high suicide rate.
Traveling can be both fun and educational as it gives a person the chance to interact with different traditions and cultures.
When one talks about Benidorm, it brings about images of tourists, hotels, British bars, sunbathers and English breakfasts.
Spain, the beautiful country that attracts millions of people from all corners of the world every year, is one of the most beautiful countries you will ever see.