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Business despise uncertainty, and have been faced with nothing but uncertainty for the last two years. Recent changes in Washington will be viewed by the business community favorably, and will help to get us rolling in the right direction.
Excellent ideas for using downtime while unemployed to advance your career
Quite often, career professionals like myself deal with the "employability factor" to help you get hired, but sometimes dismiss an issue that can make or break a prolonged period of unemployment, battered self-esteem.
Layoffs hit our psychological jugular
With debts spiraling during the global recession, into this mess crawl the debt collectors, intent on making your life a misery.
Are you unemployed or been laid off? You are not alone if that is any comfort to you. Worldwide millions of people are in the same predicament as you are. Unemployment and lay offs are stark realities of the downsizing, reengineering, restructuring, and automation in a sluggish global economy where corporations are trying every trick in the book to reduce costs, increase productivity and keep the organization lean, mean and profitable.
The best way for surviving unemployment is to keep positive at each step of the way. If you take control of the situation and motivate yourself, you can learn how to earn extra income to stay afloat and find activities that keep you stimulated. When you're unsure where to turn, consider these approaches to help you take the reins.