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Guide to travel in Vietnam with tips and puretravel information on adventure and what to see and do. Travel guide features holiday advice, vacation destination tips, suggested itineraries and photos.
This article is about the benefits of strategically sourcing hotel spend at large global corporations.
Nowadays, it appears as if the world is compressing at an ever-faster pace. People are able, for example, to jump on a plane in Los Angeles and be in Moscow in a matter of hours.
Anyone that holds and uses a passport knows that it entails having the pages stamped as each border is crossed in both directions.
Do you feel that you need a break from the city life? You want to go to a place where you can find peace and plenty of rest? Santiago, Camotes Island is the place for you.
Two young Swiss entrepreneurs aim at “revolutionizing” the traditional way of traveling with a combination of map, guidebook and piece of art.
Minnesota is perhaps one of the greenest States in the United States. Its lakes and mountains make it a perfect place for nature enthusiasts and photographers as well.
Summer always seems to slip away. This year in Toronto, summer never really arrived and now it seems to be over. So last Sunday, I decided to celebrate the season with a brief interlude – to make a clean break from the incessant busyness that fills my week and spend the day with a dear friend.
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This article explains the top tips to have a successful business travel experience.