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Maintaining your BBQ grill can be quite a chore. However, if you really want to have the use of your barbeque grill for years to come, you must do the work that it takes to maintain your grill. Here are a few barbeque grill maintenance tips.
Summer always seems to slip away. This year in Toronto, summer never really arrived and now it seems to be over. So last Sunday, I decided to celebrate the season with a brief interlude – to make a clean break from the incessant busyness that fills my week and spend the day with a dear friend.
An article that explains small things you may do that annoy your partner and how to keep your partner happy.
What one word best sums up summer fun? Water. I bet your favorite memories as a child involved getting wet, running through sprinklers on a sweltering afternoon, water fights in the backyard, wading at the beach, playing on the slip & slide, and skipping rocks across the river. Your kids will relish the same experiences if they share them with you.