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Fashion can simply be understood as what is currently in vogue at a given time. Fashion encompasses clothing and the manner or style in which it is used.
With summer on us now, those woolies are long laundered and stowed away. Summer trends change with each year but the basic concept remains the same – to look cool and feel cool at the same time.
Fashion is what is currently in vogue. While there are some women who are particular about staying in touch with current trends, others are happy to wear what they are comfortable in as long as it doesn’t make them look like they stepped off the neighboring planet.
Not always do you have to run to the nearest spa or beauty parlor each time you feel you need some beauty therapy.
The London Fashion Week (LFW) is considered one of the most prestigious and high profile fashion based events in London. Internationally it is one of the Big Four in terms of fashion weeks.
World-renowned colour authority Pantone Inc. has just declared Honeysuckle Pink colour of the year for 2011. Described as “a brave new colour for a brave new world,” watch for this vibrant, blushing pink to make its mark on everything from fashion and makeup to interior design.
A beautiful yard is like a fabulously decorated home with Curtain Rods and Window Coverings: well thought out, purposefully designed and carefully put together.
Curtain rods rings… you know, there are many things in life you can go a long time, maybe forever, knowing nothing about. They’re usually the littlest things, the awful-est things, or the most mundane things.
Your fashion magazines aren’t just decorations for the coffee table. Here are some ways on how you can maximize its benefits.
Curtain Rods: Selecting the Right Type for Your Window, Visible, Invisible . . . How do I choose? What difference does it make if your curtain rod is visible or not? A lot! Just like the necklace, scarf or tie you pick to complete your day’s outfit, your choice of curtain rod completes your window covering and complements (hopefully!) your room’s decorating style. A curtain rod really has the ability to make or break your whole room’s look.