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Is it feasible to place support and resistance lines on a one minute chart and have the market respect them?
Is it possible to use predictive tools like the Fibonacci tool, on shorter time frames, like one minute charts, or is there too much market noise to make it unworkable.
Every green trader benefits from the information available on the internet regarding trading.
Having a mentor can make a difference in the success of any career or endeavor.
A lot of people are attracted to forex trading, and it is easy to see why.
When one wishes to embark in any endeavor, whether in art, science or business, one needs training and education.
If your desperate search for the road to a successful Forex trading career has led you to this page, then our meeting is destined, for we happen to offer a mentoring service that will finally wipe away your frustrations and finally set you on your path to becoming a successful forex trader.
Nothing can take the place of valuable lessons and the knowledge that a good trading mentor can provide, when you are mastering forex trading.
Forex trading offers many advantages and opportunities for one to enjoy the fruits of life.
As far as forex trading education is concerned, the sure-fire method to a fast road to success lies in getting the services of a trading mentor.