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Configure DNS Forwarding: We discussed the concept of forwarding briefly earlier. When a DNS server is configured as a forwarder, it attempts to reconcile the resolution request from its cache and zone files. If it fails to do so, it then forwards the request to designated name server by sending a recursive query to it. The forwarder then does the iterative queries necessary to resolve the request,
Configure access to shared folders Administrators always face the arduous task of assigning access to folders that are on the network. There are three basic ways that you can assign permissions to folders in Windows Server 2003
Configure file system permissions: Verify effective permissions when granting permissions. There are some very specific "best practices" that should be considered when granting permissions for Terminal Services: 1. Deny permissions should be used for certain special cases-to exclude a subset of a group that has Allowed permissions or to exclude one special permission when you have already granted full control to a user or group