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What is your relationship with money? If you worry then you will likely spend many hours and days wasting your time away wondering if you'll ever make enough or have enough money.
Neuro-linguistic programming
Do we have to go beyond the 'I'? Read the article to find out...!
The leadership is the key to succeed in the competition of the co organizations. The leadership gives you the possibility to go ahead with right direction with ease. The leader also drives the vehicle of Organization and makes it reach its destination. In several Organization where is there is dearth of good leadership they always fail in long run and cannot make their way through the difficult time
This article shares more insights on how technology are going to revolutionize our brain and cognitive healh. This article is an interview between two research scientists about brain health and technology.
As most people, you probably have bought or thought of buying nutrition complements. Indeed it is hard to get all the good nutrients in one’s diet. The most common consumer purchase is herbal and vitamin supplements purported to improve memory.
The best salespeople, like the best poker players, have great instincts. They have the ability to READ people and the wisdom to act on their READs.
In honor of Women’s History Month, Teressa offers women in business a roadmap to success that doesn’t require that they resort to traditional male behaviors and tendencies. My transformational approach to executive coaching has been proven to help women break through self-imposed barriers that hinder their professional growth and personal satisfaction.
This article explores the SOPPHIA model as a method of coaching and self-development. SOPPHIA, the Greek word for wisdom, is an acronym representing The 7 Dimensions of Wisdom; seven sets of skills or competencies for achieving individual and organizational success: S - for self; O - for Others; P - for Purpose; P - for Presence; H - for Health; I - for Innovation; and A - for Assurance.
Our self -concept is the starting point towards self -improvement & self-confidence. Self -awareness is not an easy task.