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If you are receiving a pension, there is a now a program that will allow you to get an advance on those pension payments. Its called pension funding, and it does not matter whether you are receiving a civil service (federal, state and local government), military, police, fire, EMS, teachers or corporate pension, you can get an advance when you need one.
An article on continuous learning. What stage of your life are you at your professional best?
This is a new lead on a prime-time television commercial for an investment group. This is a truth that describes our society. The question is why?
The stress of the recent market meltdown with the corresponding devastating news throughout the economy is particularly difficult for retirees or readers nearing retirement. Clients and readers have the same concerns: Do I have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life? How can I make my money last? Is there something that I should be doing now to protect my retirement?
Have you considered a Roth IRA account? With Roth IRAs, specifically self-directed accounts, you have the ultimate investment vehicle imaginable!
The self directed IRA rules were created to give you the options that you need to make the dream of retiring at age 60 with a good income into YOUR reality.
A self directed IRA and self managed IRAs are basically the same thing by definition. This article will show you how this incredible investment strategy can secure your prosperous retirement years.
A big advantage to a Roth IRA account is that you're not required to take annual distributions if you want to keep your account growing and don't need the income yet.
Want some great IRA advice? Quit taking out loans for investment purposes and become the bank yourself. By using the IRA services in your self directed account, you can invest and collect the interest, instead of paying it.
With the right self directed Roth IRA investments, it's possible to grow $20,000 into a million is as little as three years. Other people have done it, why not you? Maybe you could even retire earlier than you planned.