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What may have been cutesy traits in the beginning are now actions you'd love to strangle your significant other for. Is it just a case of familiarity breeding contempt or is your gut warning you against continuing this relationship?
One of the most difficult things to comprehend is how a once intimate relationship can result in loneliness and isolation when couples stop having meaningful communication.
Do you ever feel like relationship advice leaves you with more questions than answers? Do you wish you could get a few tips that you can actually remember and apply to your situation? Have ever wondered how to catch the eye of that man who makes makes your heart skip a beat every time your eyes meet?
It has been said that laughter is the best medicine. It is true that, through humor, even the ill can forget their troubles, if only temporarily.
I’m here to help you realize that often people get into relationships for the wrong reasons, and basing a relationship on emotions may not be the best thing. Also I would like to make you aware of people you may not always consider at first so you don’t end up missing the opportunities presented to you. These opportunities end up being missed all the time and the chances of finding the “perfect one” grow slimmer everyday.
I don't have many natural talents, but there is one I do have: I may not tell you if something's going to work, but I can darn sure tell you when something's going to go wrong.
If there's one thing I've learned about women and boyfriends, it's that a "boyfriend" pretty much means nothing.
If a woman is just a little hesitant about moving forward fast in a new relationship, it's ok--she just wants to be sure you're not another undercover chord or player.
Some people go years from the time they recognize that they have a hearing problem to the time they inquire about a hearing aid. To keep the lines of communication open until a hearing aid is prescribed, Audiologist Dr. Stephen Glasser, Au.D offers these 7 tips for talking to the hard of hearing.
People do many stupid things when they are jealous. Sometimes jealousy makes them act in a bad way. They make themselves look foolish and immature when they show their jealousy. There a many triggers that can make these people act this way.