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This question has been asked by many guys throughout the world, whether to their friends or in their head.
You can take this challenge to recover your life. Our capacity to recover and be resilient – honed in the furnace of relationships-is our moxie mental health
While you cannot possibly buy love, you can surely impress your eye candy with an inexpensive and yet well-thought-of gift. Here are a few gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day.
Need we go beyond the‘I’, ‘ME’ and ‘MYSELF’ – the 21st centurian trio worshipped so religiously especially by the present younger so-called ‘Y’ generation all over the world? I mean, do we need stopping using these three- ‘I’, ‘ME’ and ‘MYSELF’ in our conversations with others, be it the written or the spoken?
Customer relationship management is aimed at ensuring long-term customer loyalty and retention. Briefly, it is the holistic process of identifying, attracting, differentiating, and retaining customers. Following liberalisation in India, there has been an entry of several different industries and businesses. Customer experience and management has grown through all of this and stands as one of the most crucial aspects to focus on today
Building a relationship with your lender is as important as meeting the five C's of lending. Knowing the five C's of credit will get you prepared for the loan process. Take a look.
It has been said many times that communication is the key to happiness, however many men don’t understand just how important this is to women. Women are not unreasonably telling you to talk to them with endlessly conversation or neither would they ask for a two-hour conversation on the phone. However, men need to understand that women have about 8000 words, give or take a few ten thousands, words to say in a day. While most men manage just half that. Nowadays, communication can even be written words.
Challenges in life are bound to happen, and tribulations in a marriage can be one of the most challenging relationship challenges you ever have to resolve. In case you are wed and having problems with your relationship, then this information is made for you.
A divorce is considered to be one of the most difficult challenges that any person can endure in their life. Breaking up a marriage causes a huge range of emotions and issues that can threaten to overwhelm and take control of a person.
What may have been cutesy traits in the beginning are now actions you'd love to strangle your significant other for. Is it just a case of familiarity breeding contempt or is your gut warning you against continuing this relationship?