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Houston is a city of diverse culture. It has many educational institutes and various industries. When it comes to real estate, Houston has great prospects. It is a nice place to live in.
Get an insider's view on how Pattaya's property market is doing. Get the inside facts on property investing, right here!
Pattaya, a city on the gulf of Thailand, seems to be attracting a lot of investments as of late. Holiday Inn, Amari, and the domestic favourite, Dusit all have moved in to capitalize on the city's blooming tourism industry.
How Thailand has grown over the past 10 years and what role Pattaya, a city on the gulf of Pattaya, has played.
Have you ever driven through your neighborhood and noticed “junk homes” for sale during your travels. Are they not the worst eyesores you have ever seen?
Real estate investors are a very special group of people. They are motivated, driven, and very willing to take risks. However, they are human beings.
In the market and many of them come from different backgrounds. That means some may be able to make a purchase through one specific agreement but not by another. Because the modern real estate market is a rather complex one.
Most people dream on how they can make money and become millionaires or billionaires but they never know how to get there or even how others made their Millions or billions.
Upad’s Rental Confidence Index reveals an overall optimism in the buy-to-let market
There have been volumes written over the years describing and measuring success in a multitude of ways. What is success, and when do you know you have achieved it?