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A baby's body is made up of nutrients donated by the mother's body. Nature has it wired that if one needs to do without, it will be the mother. This article addresses why all women can benefit from a vitamin program following the birth of the baby.
When a woman's body is changing during pregnancy, there are many things the expectant dad needs to know.
Preparing your "nest" for your soon-to-arrive baby is one of the most natural habits expectant moms do.
Pregnancy can be such a wonderful experience and the joy of creating life is something precious and unique which deserves to be captured for eternity perhaps in a maternity portrait. Getting pregnant and having a baby grow inside of you can be one of the most rewarding experiences and to have a picture to remind you of that period of your life can be a great idea.
According to researchers, there are about 10,000 new babies born per year in the United States with cerebral palsy.
You wake up one morning and suddenly you feel different. You take a pregnancy test and realize that you are pregnant. First of all congratulations but second what does it mean, what is going to happen to your body, what can you do and not do, etc.
When you and your partner decide that it is time to have a baby there are a few things you need to discuss with your doctor in order to ensure that you are healthy enough to carry a baby. Being a first time parent you really have no idea what to expect during pregnancy, labor and beyond and the only person that can fully help you understand is your doctor so the best thing for you to do is to schedule a preconception checkup.
Moms to be have lots of trouble being fashionable, which is not really fair. You want to feel and look beautiful - after all, you are glowing! Juicy Couture maternity wear can actually help you do that. They are one of many designers marketing to about to be moms and new moms alike. If you want to look hip and edgy while you are carrying your bundle of joy, but still want to be comfortable too, then Juicy Couture should definitely be the maternity designer for you.
Tooth and gum infections have been found to be a contributing factor leading to pre-term deliveries, which ultimately raises the chance of having low-birth weight babies.