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Are you overcome with fear about money, global warming and all of the other disasters that are happening to good people right now? Do you sometimes think it is unfair that adversity strikes even when you aren't looking for it and certainly don't deserve it?
Did you know that just by smiling, you can actually make yourself feel happy? It sounds silly, and it may not be easy the first time, but it's true, it really works. Sometimes a positive attitude in negative situations can turn things around, and improve the situation. Just like a positive attitude, a simple smile can calm you when you're stressed, or improve your mood when feeling down.
If you've made a mistake recently and you feel like beating yourself up about it, take a moment to think. Will this mistake affect your happiness for the rest of your life? Probably not. Say to yourself, "next time!" and think about how you'll handle a similar situation if it ever happens again. You've learned from your mistake now, instead of letting it get you down into a negative mindset.
Encouraging words are extremely powerful. When you encourage somebody, you are giving them a gift of courage. It compels them to move forward, to achieve more in life than just the bare minimum. Knowing that somebody wants you to succeed, and tells you so, can give you the courage and the confidence to truly do so.
As a parent, or anybody in a relationship with another person, it's important to remember not to nitpick. It seems easy for some people to find faults, and to criticize. They examine others for any possible flaw, and point it out as though this is necessary for everyone. In fact, it's not! You can encourage others to change in positive ways. And sometimes, you don't even need to point out the flaws at all.