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Becoming a police officer is not just about passing the police exam; it is also about getting a job once you have completed the requirements. If you are unable to get a job in your local area, you may have to look for a job elsewhere. However, in most cases, you can land police jobs when you finish academy in your state.
The desire to become a police officer is a noble one, but before you can follow through with your goal you have to pass the police exam. This exam is not an easy one, although if you study hard you should be able to pass. However, there are some things you should watch out for and make sure you do in order to succeed with the police test.
Nowadays most modern cell phones are fitted with tracking systems. This help in tracking cell phone in event it get misplaced, lost or stolen. This technology not only serve security reasons but it can also help serve range of other purposes like keeping track of location of a child, employees, car, friends and relatives. You can also get directions to your destination, shops, hotels and meetings.
More should be done to protect women from domestic violence.
Discrimination in the workplace has got out of hand, with excessive awards.
Pakistanis leave in the wake of a Military Offensive Against the Taliban and are the Taliban recruiting children for suicide bombings
Exploration of the concept of Exigent Circumstances and why they limit the 4th Amendment
Politics, incompetence, child abuse, corruption.
Another terrorist attack took place in the suburbs of Lahore. This is considered as 3 terrorist attack in Punjab during this month. After Sacking the X Chief Minister Punjab Mr. Mian M. Shahbaz Shareef so far three very high level terrorist incident took place which raise ...........