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It sometimes doesn't matter how good you are at being a personal trainer. There will be occasions in your personal training job or business when what you say is far more important than what you do.
The biggest problem personal fitness trainers face in their business is effective marketing. One of the lessons that I have learned to how to review and update your message.
The expectations on personal trainers are fairly high. I have seen many personal fitness trainers suffer because of the inability to manage conflict. In this article I will give some practical advice on preventing and dealing with client conflict
Having a good website is the key to a successful personal training business. When it comes to marketing to clients looking for a personal fitness trainer, the majority of people search online.
As the New Year begins, I expect personal trainers across the world to get busier. One of the main problems that personal trainers face is holding on to these clients.
As personal trainers, it can be very easy at this time of year to expect a rush of new clients at the beginning of January. I will give some advice about the dangers of waiting for this to happen.
As a personal trainer, I find that the most important goals to set are nothing to do with weight or measurements. It is sometimes better to set habit goals first and then look at the numbers.
Over the last 12 months, I have spoke to dozens of personal trainers who have been looking for jobs or wanting to become self employed. I will discuss in the article some of things I feel are key when looking for a job as a personal trainer.
When starting a personal training business, one of the options on the table is the personal trainer franchise model. I will discuss the benefits and possible drawbacks in this article.
In the personal training business, the main focus tends to be on getting new clients through the door. This is important as we all need to grow our business and we need new clients to do this.