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It should come as no surprise to the average American that supermarkets across the nation are geared towards a bigger sale
It is interesting how so many people don't eat breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day for a reason.
When most people try and diet or lose weight, they tend to try and change everything at once. This is possible but takes a lot of self control and the environment has to support it. In this article I want to talk about the benefits of taking things a bit slower in order to help weight loss and obesity.
Social support is a key factor in any weight loss plan. As a personal trainer, I try and discuss this with all my clients because it can be a significant obstacle to success.
If you are looking for a personal trainer in January. It is important that you get the most of the experience. Here are some key questions to ask before hiring a trainer to help with your fitness or weight loss goals.
Due to the snow and ice in Birmingham at the moment, a lot of people are staying at home. Here are some exercise ideas to avoid falling completely off the weight loss wagon!
As a personal trainer, I do get asked a lot about quick fixes and miracle tablets. Acai berries are no different. I will give my opinion in this article.
Obesity is becoming a real problem for the world. The other problem is the economic situation. The question is, are they linked together? I will talk about the possible link between food prices and obesity in this article.
Discover the best exercises that will have you fit and healthy.
Houston Personal Trainer uses a cutting edge exercise program that smashes fat for good.