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You don’t have to be as funny as a Seinfeld, as suave as a Connery, as sophisticated as a Diana, or even as loud and obnoxious as a Costanza to have a personality.
Body and speech patterns provide hints about the scheming antisocial personality. With these hints you can avoid getting caught in their dangerous snares.
Many People wonder why the bad boys end up with the good girls love and beauty advantages. This is a question everyone asks and gets answers that are so simple that it defies logic. One reason simply put as a question; what do men and women want more than anything else?
We all wish to have an ideal powerful and attractive personality. We dress ourselves up, spend a huge amounts on personal grooming products and work out in the hope of a powerful personality. However personal power is more a mind training than outward appearances
“But love must begin from the beginning. It must begin with this first step: love yourself.” [OSHO, 1931-1990] Loving yourself is getting you through continuous change and development, being yourself, and enjoying your presence at every moment. It gives you the power of doing things, it takes wings. It has nothing to do with ego that stems from comparing yourself with the others and more-less means loving of your image instead of yourself.