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About 540 million Chinese are exposed to second-hand smoke each year, resulting in more than 100,000 deaths.
Taliban in Tribal Areas of Pakistan have announced a total ban on female education. Is is according to Islam?
People with a disorder that causes them to kick or cry out during deep sleep are more likely to develop dementia or Parkinson's disease.
An Avoidable Tragedy - The Relationship of Premature Death and Serious Mental Illness.
This relationship problem rates right up there with money and kids. Sex in a relationship while it is not the most crucial thing it is nevertheless very important.
On the fourth anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami, thousands gathered in fields, on beaches and at memorials to mark one of the worst natural disasters in recent times, when more than 230,000 people drowned.
A patient listens to 30 minutes a day of their favorite music, it can go far beyond simply relaxing them mentally it benefits them physically by expanding and clearing blood vessels.
Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Are They Just a Waste of Money?
Child labor must be controlled by making protective and strict law. The poor families are not only making them slaves but selling them for their own needs.
Few kind words, soft touch, feeling and care can surely help the handicaps and mental disables to feel safe and the medication works better.