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What happens if extremist strike India again? If terrorist attack on some Indian city; within hours New Delhi blames Pakistan; Islamabad swears it is not involved.
Hamas grabbed power away from Fatah transforming Gaza into a spoiling-for-a-fight Islamist stronghold. Hundreds of Palestinians have lost their lives as a result of Hamas warmongering.
Pakistan has to end the conflicts with Tribal warriors to close the war chapter on request of China.
Bangladesh should not test the military’s patience at a time when the army in Third World countries is not shy of taking the reins of power.
Gaza continues to burn for a third day and Israel continues to expand its murderous campaign against an utterly defenseless people. The two years of Israeli siege and blockade have already driven the people of Gaza to the brink.
For each overseas trip always go through a medical checklist. In article are listed several important items.
The current Israeli operations, which have already killed over 300 people and injured over 1,000 in the Gaza Strip, amply demonstrate the Jewish state’s unending thirst for Palestinian blood.
There are a few things to note about fear. First, behavioral research tells us that losses are more painful than the same gains are pleasing.
Those who believe that their children are safe from the harmful effects of tobacco because they always smoke outside their homes, or inside only when kids are away, need to think about again.
There are times when distance would set us apart from our friends, and thus, we find ourselves feeling more withdrawn or separated from them.