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Often, the three month waiting period for receipt of a new U S passport can put you in a real bind when your travel date is soon to arrive. You can try to shorten your waiting time by personally visiting a U.S. passport agency but even making an appointment will not eliminate the long line you will have to wait in. There is another way to expedite your passport that is convenient and stress free.
Passports can actually be used as a tool to create division between a parent and a child so in a difficult divorce, passports can become weapons. A law has been created to protect both parents as well as the child when child support is withheld and yet a costly vacation is planned.
When your United States passport renewal is due, there are a few ways you can take care of it. There are some cases in which you can renew it by mail. There are others in which you will have to make the application in person.
The US State Department is now offering the relatively new USA Passport card. Also called the PassCard, it was created for the convenience of Americans who travel to certain North American countries. What do you need to know about this card? Is it truly more convenient? Find out if the PassCard is right for you.
When you arrive in India, you are greeted by a country rich in culture. You may not realize how many aspects of our lives are influences by Indian food, music and religion. When preparing to travel to India, you may have a few more preparations to make including vaccinations and other requirements but when traveling to any foreign country, USA passports are required.
Vacations can be awesome experiences, but planning for them isn't at all. Finding passports, packing luggage, and a finding house sitter can really dampen the vacation spirit. However, it doesn't have to. Getting a little advice can help you get organized, and then all you have to worry about is having fun.
The passport is the most precious travel document and losing it can be very frustrating. These days, travelers cannot leave the U.S. without having a passbook in hand. Since thieves look at this document as something very valuable, it is important to keep it secured during travel. Many people will not hesitate to pick up a misplaced passbook and sell it to someone. Having a lost U S passports also inconveniences the passbook holder because the document will need to be replaced.
Canada, our closest neighbor to the north, is full of fun possibilities for you and your family to experience. Everywhere you turn holds another discovery, whether it's Canada's long colorful history or a testament to their rich heritage. If you are looking for a place to take your family without spending too much, Canada offers tons of exciting opportunities.
With passport fees rising soon, there is no better time to invest in one than now. Avoid that last minute panic when you realize you need to get a passport, and completely bypass the anxiety and worry. With one less thing to do, a family vacation seems more accessible. A passport opens all sorts of windows for you and your loved ones, so what are you waiting for?
Getting a passport is not difficult these days. Anyone who needs a new passport or has one expiring can now fill in a form on the Internet.