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Bharatbook.com included a new research report on "India Water Purifiers Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2017" the water purifier market in India has shown tremendous growth opportunities in last couple of years..
Are the international business environment and the international trading environment essentially one and the same thing? Read this article to find out.
I’m here to help you realize that often people get into relationships for the wrong reasons, and basing a relationship on emotions may not be the best thing. Also I would like to make you aware of people you may not always consider at first so you don’t end up missing the opportunities presented to you. These opportunities end up being missed all the time and the chances of finding the “perfect one” grow slimmer everyday.
Some Key Factors for Bloggers who intend to just start the game.
We all have fears and hence we have excuses to rationalize our fears...Read the complete article for the most commonly used excuses for not starting a business and some practical ideas to overcome those fears and deal with the excuses...
There are the two sides of economic downturn: the left side and the right side. In the left side there prevail fear, nervousness, everlasting stress, worsening financials, debts, losses. The right side is the side of winners who see great opportunities where the others see only crash and crisis. When reading this article, you can get an insight of the way the ones in the right side differ from the ones in the left side, and how to be in the winners’ side next time (and for always).
Employment is very dynamic and multi dimensional subject hence requires a multi pronged strategy to deal with it. The employment strategy is based on high job turnover, economic and social security of employees and labour activation policy (skill up gradation of the unemployed).