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So, it is often best to look for this type of collectible at local antique malls, shows, stores or other locations which sell funky art and older items. There are often a few of these type stores in each city though finding some can definitely be a task.
What is it that we all expect out of an event? It needs to be successful, must have eminent speakers from the industry, must be attractive enough to get people talking and the press taking notice, right? You need to basically look in to two of the biggest areas where people really make a big mistake ? performers and guests.
The chapter analyses shows and music in order to show where it fits within the cultural studies. Shows ranging from animation to reality are analyzed and categorized as well as music.
JJ Money is about to hit the airwaves with his latest single "Canadian Patriotic" which will drop this Canada Day: July 1, 2011. The single will be available free online for listeners via the Hip Hop Canada website.
The "Illest Kid" hip hop artist Reema Major is making a big name after signing with G7 records under Universal Music Canada and Interscope Records (2010). Reema's raising the bar after releasing her third mixtape titled "I Am Legend".
A response from a music educator/parent to Amy Chua's 'Why Chinese Mothers are Superior' essay. Children can achieve musical excellence by using positive methods.
Tips for playing and feeling your best at winter gigs.
This story is about the African drum circles that Biboti Ouikahilo has brought to the Syracuse, NY community. The article talks about the benefits of group play, the types of drums used in African drumming and the Wacheva Cultural Arts organization that Ouikahilo and his wife opened. It is from the perspective of Jason Borisoff, who joined Ouikahilo's class and learned about African drumming and drum circles.
Something is broken when Sony and Universal are suing children. Actually, at least two things are broken: the software that file sharers use, and the record labels' business model. The current situation can't be the final answer. And what happened with music is now happening with movies. When the dust settles in 20 years, what will this world look like? What components of it could we start building now?
The Nokia N85 comes preinstalled with over 10 made-for-mobile N-Gage gaming titles. Gaming keys light up when the N85 is in landscape gaming mode. The built-in 5.0-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens features dual LED flash to snap clear images and DVD-quality videos at 30 frames per second