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Can you ever be non-reactive? How to become your own light? Read on.
Are MIND and SOUL Different Entities...?
There is no doubt that most people who are fat want to burn the fat but they are not doing so. Why? They lack the motivation to do so. Some have gave up after trying some weight loss programs that did not work for them while some others feels no zeal to even start any weight loss program. They lack the motivation to
Can the mantras/hymns be given in any language other than the Sanskrta language?
Modern business world is ever changing, more competitive and requiring individuals who will stand and be counted as leaders above others. When you stand head and shoulders above your own colleagues, employers will rush for you, business will come your way, and your department will win all the prizes for good performance. As a professional in your own area of endeavor, know that your attitudes and attributes facilitate the well-being of your subordinates.
Character is a word that is well talked about both in the business and professional spheres. It is a reference to the personality of an individual, the qualities and attributes unique and distinctive to the individual. This is who the person is in the absence of an audience. This is what an individual sees when they place a mirror in front. I help you realize what builds your character in this article
What’s new today is old tomorrow. In a fast paced world, you have to keep pace with rapidly changing surroundings, adapt and participate.
There could be several reasons for any prophesy going wrong. The Five Laws of The prophesy explain this phenomenon properly.
From this article you can find some implications to coming changes, given the fact that more and more people are thinking and talking about the necessity of being open minded. But first of all, the article could serve as a litmus test for you when you are in the process of figuring out of how open minded you currently are.
Life is tragic, exciting, wonderful, and terrifying - all at the same time. Yet our journey through the passage of time allows us to act in ways that benefit others. Time is the fire in which we burn. We have only one chance to act wisely with each fleeting moment. Compassionate behavior is superior to repentance. Selflessness overcomes egoism. Tolerance surpasses hatred and fear. Contentment is a gift that each of us can control. It is achieved, paradoxically, by making others happy.