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Your boss is a bully, and the way he is treating you is extremely unprofessional. For example, If your boss is critical of everything you do, often in front of other people, then that is a bad boss.
A managers must have certain skills to perform his roles effectively. We must understand these skills required in a manager and the various roles he has to perform to discharge his duties effectively.
The following ways to build a good leadership legacy will ensure you don't end up as fodder for worse boss stories or find yourself in a conversation with coworker, employees, followers and Virgil during one of their usual strolls complaining of your lousy managerial experiences:
In 2007, the 63 disclosed cross-border M&A transactions had a total transaction value of US$18.67B, an increase of 105.4% over the previous year, however, there is a cautionary story behind the headlines.
How going Local (Expat) can help businesses in China, especially during the current global economic slowdown and in light of the new LCL.