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Costa Calida in Spain is one of the best places one can choose to spend a vacation in. The coastline of Murcia stretches to over 200 km and the temperatures are nothing short of warm and friendly
Murcia City stands on River Segura banks and has fertile landscapes for its surroundings. There are plenty of vegetable and fruits plantations here and hence the region has gained the name vegetable garden of Europe.
Spain. It is a term that conjures up images of cool pristine beaches, carnivals, the tomato festival and bull fights amongst other identities which are peculiar to travellers as regards Spain.
Spain is home to millions of people from different cultural backgrounds. Spaniards, therefore, take pride in multicultural diversity and heritage, which offers a broad spectrum of numerous international festivals,
The Blue flag is a voluntary eco label awarded to beaches around the world. This phenomenon works towards achieving and sustaining high profile beaches.
The cities and regions that boost economy for any country are important. Basque country has importance for Spain in that aspect also.
Spain is one nation that stands out from the rest in terms of richness and diversity, when it comes to cultural heritage.
One of the pleasures of Spain is that people visit many places in Spain on their way to Morocco. Algeciras is one of the places that falls on the way.
Andratx is an excellent holiday resort, located southwest of Balearic island of Mallorca in Spain. The best way to reach this town is to avail a bus. Most of the visitors travel that way because it's a convenient option.
Alaior is the third largest urban township of Menorca, located on the Western Central region of the Balearic Island of Menorca.