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Casares is a beautiful whitewashed village located along the sunny and famous Costa del Sol and is attracts those tourists who want to find a warm,
Spain is absolutely lovely. It is a country that wins the hearts of millions of tourists every year, a country that attracts with its impressive diversity
Spain, a great country is 2nd most visited country in the world. Before you come to visit this popular country, you need to know some of the great fun facts about Spain.
With just over half a million people, Mallorca is a favourite tourist destination. The main developed centres of the island are mostly
For those who are more interested in local history and culture than the beaches and bars, there is still plenty to see in Marbella.
Those who aren't interested in spending the whole day on the beach have a great choice of cultural and historical activities to choose from in Estepona.
For those who do not want to spend their whole holiday lazing on the beach there is plenty to do in Alicante.
There are thirteen kilometers of Nerja Beaches on the Costa del Sol, but what makes it different from the other beaches?
Canalejas Park is guarded by impressive stone sculptors of lions and dogs. Inside of it you will find beautiful fountains and a monument
The cathedral of Saint Nicholas de Bari is the main church and one of the most important landmarks of the city of Alicante and it is one of the many things that have been left in Alicante since the Moorish times.