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What motivates men to run from God, to avoid him and his word? The bible gives us some insight into the matter when we look into the lives of some who did so in biblical history.
What are the different types of the Unconditional Love?
Here i have written about the current condition of love which has lost his previous value and now has become a world game between teens of every country.
You decided to move in together so nothing can keep you apart. But when problems and issues arise, how do you face these problems and grow closer? Here are some suggestions.
What is the cardinal difference between love and in love? Love is a very strong emotion.It is going beyond yourself and stretching who you are for someone else.Certainly, loving somebody is not the same as being 'in love' with that person or any other.Being in love entails seeing someone as you wish they were: to love them is to see who they really are and still care for them.
Do you really love your spouse? Do you demonstrate a strong feeling of deep affection for your spouse? Is your love growing with the years? .You'll agree with me that there are a lot of articles out there on how to show love to your spouse,but it is a daunting task to to find just one article that seeks to help or gives clear and accurate details on how to turn a problematic relationship to a romantic one.Hence this article is one in a million and deserves your undivided attention
Wow! You're the proud owner of that handsome man who you've always dreamt of having. He is yours for keeps and he never dream of leaving you for another woman because he loves you without reservation. While we hope hope for the best for couples, we may at times wonder; will the relationship be happy? Will it last? This informative article provides timeless hints on how you can keep your spouse forever.
How would you define commitment in a particular relationship? Many would say that it springs from a sense of duty.Certainly, such motive is admirable and will help a marriage survive difficult times. But to be happy, marriage mates need to feel more than just a sense of obligation to each other.When a man and woman earn each other's trust and work at becoming the best of friends, their commitment to the relationship will grow.
Are you satisfied in the relationship you keep? You're in a relationship but you feel like to break it.You want to be there but something in you tells you to break the relationship.Every relationship you keep either moves you towards your cherished dreams or away from them.Choose wisely.
The ten key words of happiness: 1. Fortune: Money can buy a degree of happiness, social status can also be bought. Once the problems of food, the clothing, housing can be resolved, the  sense of every dollar you earn will be less and less.