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ProQure | Entrance Mats & Matting Service. While many small companies question social media's ROI, ProQure embraces it with all its heart - and this gave ProQure a competitive advantage.
It seems that social networks have been the main ambition since the dawn of the internet. It is only in the past couple of years that we have seen permanence in its growth...
Social media marketing is extremely important to your business and as this marketing method evolves, so must you and your business. Social media marketing is marketing through online communities, social networking sites, blogs, etc. If you are not already utilizing social sites for your business, you need to start NOW!
Hiring managers, recruiters and HR departments use more than just your resume to find and learn about candidates. That's good news for candidates who have additional ways to market themselves, and ways to differentiate from their competition.
Still think that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are just for kids? The fact is that over 55 million adults now visit social media sites at least monthly, and the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is 35 and older. And more and more of those 55 million adults no longer look to the Internet and social media networks as one place to find information to make a buying decision…they consider it the place to find information.
Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, You must have heard of these social networking sites, but have you tried using any to market your self and business? With these social networks growing in popularity, there is one social network in particular that should be a part of your social media marketing plan.
There is a serious dark side to social networking. And it isn't what you think.
Oh! So, you have a resume or brochure and don't need business cards. Can you carry 10 resumes/brichures in your wallet? Do you or can you carry your resume everywhere you go?
A value-added network can be achieved through explicit actions to develop, expand, and promote trusted relationships. One successful example is Thomas Powers, the founder and chairman of ecademy, one of the largest UK-based business networks.