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James Benning is known for creating unusual films, and Twenty Cigarettes is no exception. Learn more about this film and how it is not the usual quit smoking propaganda.
Upad’s Rental Confidence Index reveals an overall optimism in the buy-to-let market
Knight Frank’s London Residential Review (Autumn 2009) , highlights that today’s average London tenant signs for less than a year – standing at 11.5 months.
If tithing is for the New Testament believer why are so many Christians suffering financially? Why is God not blessing their finances? The answer is simple.
The way most people interpret the New Testament today it ends up contradicting itself. The problem is not in scripture but in the exegesis of it. Martin Luther was at least honest enough to admit he saw a problem. Our trouble is we generally are not that honest and of course if you do not see a problem you need not deal with it. (Maybe, just maybe, that is why we see no problem. Do you think?)