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While the average home garden may have many enemies and threats, one of the most persistent and damaging is fungus. Mold and fungus threats are constant and can ravage and destroy a potentially healthy garden in almost no time at all. Scarier yet is the fact that most fungus and mold are notoriously pesky and hard to be rid of once they decide to settle down and make your garden their new home!
As one of the most vital and rare resources in the world, clean water is an essential and necessary component of daily life. Perhaps the single most life-sustaining aspect of our world, pure water is unbelievably precious to our survival. Each and every year, excessive amounts of water are wasted and spent carelessly.
Having fed entire civilizations for hundreds of years, the potato may be one of the most iconic food staples of the last thousand years. The hearty and nutritious nature of this amazing vegetable has solidified its place in many country's history as an integral and important source of food. With such an incredible history backing it; it should come as no surprise that the potato is still one of the most grown vegetables in the world's gardens today.
Considered by most gardeners to be one of the easiest and most amateur-friendly plants available for home gardening, the tomato is a long-time beloved choice of gardeners. Despite being one of the easiest plants for the home garden, tomatoes do require a little knowledge and understanding to grow efficiently. Following these five simple steps will ensure you're soon growing beautiful tomatoes in no time!
Many home gardeners enjoy the delicious and succulent flavors of a home-grown tomato. The vibrant red colors of tomatoes and their unique and cherished taste make them an ideal choice for any small garden to reap the rewards of this delightful fruit. However, while tomatoes may be a fantastic choice for your garden, they can also be challenging and sometimes difficult to grow to the untrained gardener. With these five simple steps you'll soon be enjoying delicious tomatoes!
The seasons are changing and there's never been a more ideal time to plan a home garden. The world of gardening is a simple and exciting hobby that can yield a wealth of benefits for you and your family. From beautiful aesthetic value to organic fruits and vegetables, growing a home garden is a unique and fun way to put your property to work and get the most out of your time.
Traditionally speaking, the coming of the fall season has always been a delight for those who enjoy taking in the sights and sounds of nature. During this festive season the leaves of our trees change color and fall to the ground. While many people may view this as a minor inconvenience or frustration, with a little elbow-grease it's extremely simple to turn those pesky leaves into healthy, nutritious compost for your garden or lawn.
As one of the most advanced and emerging forms of garden irrigation, the drip irrigation system is quickly growing in global popularity and showing promise in almost all aspects of garden and farm irrigation.