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An equity interest in a company may be said to represent a share of company assets and a share of any profit earned on those assets after other claims have been met. Equity shareholders are owners of business they purchase shares commonly called ordinary shares.
Debenture is a document issued by company containing an acknowledgment of indebtedness which it needs not to give although it usually gives a charge on the assets of a company. The Prospectus is a notice circular advertisement or other invitation offering to public for subscription or purchase any shares or debentures of a company.
This article is about the many ways in which government can effect economy;no matter what situation it is in. The two main policies are monetary and fiscal.
How can organizations make an informed decision while selecting training centers and institutes to get their employees trained? In this article a few suggestions have been forward to ease the selection process.
56 out of every 100 businesses are NOT found on internet because they do not have a website or any other form of web presence, so the customers looking for information and possibly making a decision to buy obviously go to the other 44 who do… Are you one of those who are giving away their business? And, if yes, what can you do to stop it...
As often as almost always, website owners approach the cost of having a Web site as an expense when they should be looking at these expenditures as an investment. In this post, I'm going to address this very important issue and that is your POV (point of view) on your website related cost...
In a world of global crisis and the need for new energy plants, Pakistan offers opportunities for Investors who are looking for an investment with a great long term return. The Global Energy demand puts Pakistan, the World's Sixth Largest nation in Population, at a brink of an Energy boom.
How to find and buy well made clothes that saves you money in the long run.
The series of highs and lows can leave you with a feeling of hopelessness. How can you know if a company is cooking the books?
Israelis were net buyers of $1.22 billion in foreign securities in the October, after selling a net $704 million the month before, the central bank said.