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Ironmen meet every week to teach and discuss ideas and strategies on being better men. From June 11-18, 12 of us went to Guayaquil, Ecuador to build 9 homes for the poorest of the poor in conjunction with Hogar de Cristo. This is the fourth year for this trip, it was my first.
In honor of Women’s History Month, Teressa offers women in business a roadmap to success that doesn’t require that they resort to traditional male behaviors and tendencies. My transformational approach to executive coaching has been proven to help women break through self-imposed barriers that hinder their professional growth and personal satisfaction.
When tweens or teens push our buttons and we automatically react in anger, we tend to make a family situation worse. But when we can stop and ask ourselves "What does my child need right now?" we have a better chance of responding with clarity, compassion and understanding. That kind of thoughtful response will likely improve a parent-teen relationship.
In Law of Attraction there can be some controversy over the term given to the "creative force." This article clears that up by exploring the term Universe and explaining what it means.
Our beliefs have a huge impact on our life experience and our manifesting success. But are our beliefs based on fact? Find out in this short article on what we believe.
Learning to manifesting things is great. But more lasting success and fulfillment can be had when manifesting things on a more fundamental level.
When first learning about the Law of Attraction people often try to monitor their thoughts in order to manipulate their outer experience. This never works and can often lead to frustration or flat out giving up.
If you're not getting what you want in Law of Attraction then you may be overlooking one very important thing. You have to go beyond WHAT you want to get to the core of WHY you want it.
Are all those self-help books and programs really helping? Or are they really shelf help, collecting dust without doing much good?
Using Law of Attraction, are there lots of things you want to manifest all at once? This article explores how to balance multiple tasks at once for maximum manifesting effectiveness.