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Best Inventors OF All Time In History. Great Inventors Who Helped Change Our Life.
Pirates have long ploughed the waters of the mid-Atlantic. The small Madeiran village of Porto Moniz often suffered at the hands of these cut throats. Read how did Porto Moniz fought back?
The modern day steins come with variety of designs and they excel in the workmanship.
This article reviews an excellent book on the legal strategy for implementation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was one of the most prominent and important pieces of Civil Rights Legislation
This article summarizes the work of Tygiel and his work on Ronald Reagan
The narrative of Equiano provides a distinct examination of issues related to the African Diaspora from a primary source perspective
The Ponta do Garajau in Madeira is a much visited tourist spot. However, for the British inhabitants who resided on the island some 250 years ago, the area was known as the Brazen Head and it was a destination few wished to visit.
Belgrade is one of the oldest European cities, visit it!
How will history treat This president
The ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av has come to be known as Tisha B’Av. It begins at sunset on the eighth of Av and ends at sunset on the ninth. It has come to be known as the saddest day in the Hebrew calendar. Throughout Jewish history, the ninth of Av has been recognized as a day of tragedy. Many dreadful events occurred or began on this day in history.