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The development of Hip Hop Music began in the late nineteen hundred and seventies.
Famous rappers are wearing women's clothes and jewelry on stage.
So tonight it all starts again, another lockout in a major sports league. This time the NBA's collective bargaining agreement expires
JJ Money is about to hit the airwaves with his latest single "Canadian Patriotic" which will drop this Canada Day: July 1, 2011. The single will be available free online for listeners via the Hip Hop Canada website.
The "Illest Kid" hip hop artist Reema Major is making a big name after signing with G7 records under Universal Music Canada and Interscope Records (2010). Reema's raising the bar after releasing her third mixtape titled "I Am Legend".
What suits you best? What to look for and what should I consider when looking for beats?
What can you do to improve your rap style. Tips,advice and inspiration.